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(recycling this from my post on TBW. oh, and please forgive the all lowercase.)

time flies – im at 29 weeks now. we have a name picked out, but its kinda a surprise. we have been trying to buy a house since APRIL! (DF and i still live 20 miles apart, which has been a challenge) we are under contract for a fannie mae homepath deal (post-foreclosure/REO) home. but the red tape is getting old. please cross your fingers that the real estate gods smile upon us as we already had to move the closing date from 7/28 to 8/26. the closer it gets to october, the more i dread MOVING!

on the bright side, i have a pretty darn nifty NB cloth diaper stash and hopefully will be getting a didymos CGW wrap [for those who dont speak “wrap-ese”, this is a particular natural woven cotten wrap sling that is supposed to be the softest, “marshmallowy” wrap thats perfect for newborns] as well. oh, and ive SCORED on clothes from consignment sales and thredUP! (i’ll post a link to my thredUP soon, then we can each get a $5 credit!)

oh, and decided to use this as a justification to finally buy a DSLR, which im LOVING! (now i need to swap my computer hard drive out so i can upload fluff pics.) :woot:

due to my age & overweight, i took and minorly failed the early glucose screen (1hr) last month. so i took and passed 3hr. but i still had to take ANOTHER 3hr at the regular time (26-28 wks) a couple of weeks ago. they said, “no news is GOOD news” and i havent heard back. so glad thats over.

the puff has been doing somersaults and kung fu in there, i think. and last week he was experimenting some weird horizontal-feeling yoga. O_o it’ll be interesting to see the contortions as he grows. (i too tend to have small babies, so they have lots o’ room to plAy. lol)

3rd trimester is DEF here though. the “hollow pit” hunger has been replaced by “heartburn hollow pit” and red sauce is not doing me any favors. :-/ oh well, better than nausea! myback is stsrting to feel it too. but i picked up a belly/back support brace band thingie today at another consignment sale. excited to try it.

oh, and i finished up my summer classes this week. YAY!

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