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Posted (reneeholiday) in attachment parenting, blogging, development, milestones, random thoughts, renewal, teens, wahm on July-12-2011

Well, I looked back on my “renewal” post from January and realize how truly accurate (& prophetic) it was! It seems like a ridiculous understatement when I say there has been a LOT going on since that time.

Here’s a very brief overview.
1.) Started and finished yet another semester of school (knocked out 14 credits of G.E.s + 4 “for my art edification” auditing life sculpture again)
2.) AuTeen started driving. (wait, that was last year) O_o
3.) Had a “couch surfer” (aka extended houseguest) for a couple of months. That was a nightmare and a crash-course in TOLERANCE and coping skills.
4.) Went to Biltmore with my beloved for our anniversary and came home with a very special piece of jewelry for a certain finger, on a certain hand!!! ;-D
5.) Discovered that we are expecting a baby!!! Big, happy SURPRISE. (btw, the “cheese puff is due mid-October)

***everything else is a bit of a blur***

6.) oh yeah. finally got rid of couch surfer.
7.) started search/process of buying our first home. (it has been quite a roller coaster in this economy, and to find something big enough in our budget)
8.) started taking 2 summer classes online
9.) traveled to oklahoma & texas w/parents & twill (Grandmom is turning 91 this year, so I wanted to visit before I get caught up in new baby lost-time-mode) – also had family reunion.
10.) getting back involved with the AP community.
11.) Twill is turning 4 next month! Time FLIES!


I realize it’s definitely valuable to catalog all this life change, so I’ll probably start posting more regularly. I just hope it’s not too much info, or boring. If so, I guess no one has to read it. lol

hope this finds you well! 😉