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Well, I looked back on my “renewal” post from January and realize how truly accurate (& prophetic) it was! It seems like a ridiculous understatement when I say there has been a LOT going on since that time.

Here’s a very brief overview.
1.) Started and finished yet another semester of school (knocked out 14 credits of G.E.s + 4 “for my art edification” auditing life sculpture again)
2.) AuTeen started driving. (wait, that was last year) O_o
3.) Had a “couch surfer” (aka extended houseguest) for a couple of months. That was a nightmare and a crash-course in TOLERANCE and coping skills.
4.) Went to Biltmore with my beloved for our anniversary and came home with a very special piece of jewelry for a certain finger, on a certain hand!!! ;-D
5.) Discovered that we are expecting a baby!!! Big, happy SURPRISE. (btw, the “cheese puff is due mid-October)

***everything else is a bit of a blur***

6.) oh yeah. finally got rid of couch surfer.
7.) started search/process of buying our first home. (it has been quite a roller coaster in this economy, and to find something big enough in our budget)
8.) started taking 2 summer classes online
9.) traveled to oklahoma & texas w/parents & twill (Grandmom is turning 91 this year, so I wanted to visit before I get caught up in new baby lost-time-mode) – also had family reunion.
10.) getting back involved with the AP community.
11.) Twill is turning 4 next month! Time FLIES!


I realize it’s definitely valuable to catalog all this life change, so I’ll probably start posting more regularly. I just hope it’s not too much info, or boring. If so, I guess no one has to read it. lol

hope this finds you well! 😉

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… into the FUTURE!

Here I am, with a very chatty toddler and a teen son who is eligible for a Learner’s Permit (driving) in less than a month!

So here’s the scoop. Twilli’s vocabulary is ever increasing. And lemme tell you, she’s PROUD of it! 😉 She’s way too good at climbing and has gotten hooked on standing at the dining table on a step stool… for the WHOLE MEAL! I don’t even know if she’d sit in the high chair if we had it here. :-/

Au-teen has gotten MUCH MORE helpful with her. So, of course, she is even more crazy about him now! (She was patting him on the back yesterday. It was so cute!)

It’s so shocking that Au-teen is actually DISAPPOINTED that the enrollment process for his new high school is taking WAY longer than we expected. LOL – Who’d a’ thought?! (He wont be able to start until next Wednesday, at the earliest.) When we went to register last week, he was thrilled to see a nice cross-section of students. Looks like he’ll FINALLY fit right in. These kids are much cooler than I had expected! (While he was trying to inconspicuosly scope the scene, I was drooling over the architecture! LOL They just built a new building, and it’s STUNNING! – I’ll try to post pics soon.) And the office staff is AMAZING! It’s ABOUT TIME we found a public school worth something!

I’m still trying to dig things out of boxes and find reasonable homes for everything. The storage in the new apartment is far from optimal. But it’ll do.

We are REALLY thankful for babywearing! Especially now that it’s “single mom” mode again! I don know WHAT I’d do if I couldn’t perch Twilli on my back while we are out and about! We LOVE the special, pimped-out pod that I FINALLY made for my birthday/moving gift to myself! It has taken a lot of abuse and still looks BEAUTIFUL!

Speaking of pods: The TWILLI PIE PODEGI baby carriers are really starting to take off. I’m working with my first local client to create a (maybe 2) semi-custom pod. She fell in LOVE with the corduroy straps and ease of throwing a back-carry with a pod!

And I just created a KNOXVILLE BABYWEARING MEETUP. So hopefully we will get to meet even more cool, like-minded parents who wear their babies and/or toddlers!

We are still having a tough time adjusting to the winter climate. :-/ I used to ask my mom to read THE PENGUIN WHO HATED THE COLD all the time, when I was little! It’s such a cruel thing that I had to leave SUNNY FORT LAUDERDALE in the dead I winter! 🙁

But I have to say that I KNEW getting the iPhone was the right decision. It has kept me from falling into total social hibernation! It has also been EXTREMELY handy as a GPS! (I forgot how EASILY I get lost when I’m out of the city.) I plan to do a whole write-up on my experience with the iPhone 3G –good, bad, & ugly– soon.

I’m saddened that most of my old friends here in the VOLUNTEER STATE have been too caught up in their own routines to VOLUNTEER ANYTHING! (There are a couple I exceptions. But I’m no longer candy-coating things. So if you can’t take the heat, don’t play with a firefly!) 😉

But anyway, we’re adjusting… slowly, but surely.

And if anyone here in Knoxville/Oak Ridge has any extra furniture they’d be kind enough to donate, LET ME KNOW! 😉 I will gladly VOLUNTEER to take it off your hands – think CLEAN SWEEP for the NEW YEAR! :good vibes:

**NOTE: Pictures & links are forthcoming. I need to find a better blogging iPhone app!**

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Well, it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Its been sheer chaos with the planning, packing, grieving the loss of our dear kitty, traveling, & setting up the new apartment.

But things are settling down, so I wanted to write a quick little note of greetings and good cheer. 🙂

MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope everyone is enjoying a great time with friends and family!

It was fun to watch Twilli and her cousins, J & D, open presents and all try to play with the same gift at once! 😉 In the end, they liked my vegetable steamer the best! LOL 😉 We even saved a few of the gifts, for the kids to open later.

Au-teen was thrilled to get GUITAR HERO – World Tour: Whole Band Kit! (Thank you, Grandma & Papa!!)

Other than that, we went VERY minimal on the gifts this year, due to tight budget & moving, etc. But it was still very good. 🙂

We are so blessed to have wonderful friends & family around to share the season with.

I’ll try to post photos soon.