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Posted (reneeholiday) in wears-the-baby-wednesday on December-11-2008

wow… the old cliché that says says, “just when you learn all the answers, they change up all the QUESTIONS”.

that’s how I feel lately. just when things started looking up to us here, we learn that we will have let go of the condo. :sniffle:

thus we have decided to move out of state… out of CUSTOMER SERVICE HELL! but also away from friends, loved ones, etc. I will also REALLY miss the ocean! :sigh:

anyway, I say all that in this post, not only to let you know what’s been going on, but also to talk up Babywearing some more!

twilli was not wanting to be worn much lately. she has been an über NURSE-NOY! :-$ and she has generally been hitting a major dose of what I can only relate to a toddlered-out version of puberty. ARGUHHHH!

when the heck was THAT one “thunk” up? alas, it’s real. it’s relentless. it’s HUNGRY. I’m someones personal HALFWAY HOUSE. [Lord help us.]

what does this have to do with Babywearing?


I’ll tell ya later. ;-P